Adoption Coaching


Adoption is perhaps the most beautiful expression of love one could give. It’s a desire, but also a conscious choice. The waiting can be arduous and the process full of questioning. But adoption can also bring parents into an intimacy with God that others may never reach.

What a divine gift.

Adoption Coaching is the most layered of all the coaching I practice, and I love it with my whole heart. It is vital that you understand yourself and your motivation behind choosing adoption. It is vital that your spouse do the same. It is essential that your marriage be protected. Together, we can accomplish all three.

Adoption Coaching is not the same as Adoption Counseling. I am trained to help you through the emotional challenges of adoption rather than the legalities of the process. Your adoption agency will provide counselors and attorneys much more competent in those areas than me.

What we will work through in Adoption Coaching is why you are seeking to grow your family in this way. How you and your spouse will emotionally handle the process, and how your marriage will not only survive but thrive. What I desire, more than anything, is for your entire adoption experience to be one of the most precious memories of your lives.

I hold Coaching Certifications in: