Life Coaching


There is one commonality in all 9 of the Enneagram personality types:

We are all trying, in our own way and through our own approach, to be good. Life is tricky, though. Everyday there are circumstances and interactions in which our ability to be good is tested. A lot of times we stumble. But a lot of times we don’t. It’s just that the stumbling is what we tend to focus on, and that’s what is likely to keep us from trying again.

Good isn’t perfect. But it certainly is good.

Is there something you’ve stumbled over that’s keeping you from expressing the goodness within you? Have you lost sight of the good you have to offer? Do you see the good, and just can’t quite figure out how to reach it? I’d love to help you.

Through our exploration of the Enneagram, we will discover your type and apply your type to any area of your life you’d like to be coached around. Once you know yourself, you can better understand how and why you react to the stumbling blocks that hold you back.

I hold Coaching Certifications in: