Relationship Coaching


You chose each other. You love each other. But do you understand one another? Are there times when you look at the person you love most and wonder if you truly know him or her?

I promise, you’re not alone. There are tools we can use that will lead you to a deeper level of understanding one another, which will inevitably result in a deeper, more enduring love.

For Pre-marital and Newly married couples, we can utilize the SYMBIS assessment tool as we navigate the waters of a young relationship. What an exciting and precious time of life!

For couples who have been married more than two years, we will take the approach of viewing your marriage as the client. How can you align yourselves in order for your marriage to receive what it needs, thus fulfilling you both individually?

For your relationship to receive the greatest benefit, it is preferable that both partners attend coaching sessions together.

I hold Coaching Certifications in: